Why Zenaton?

We built Zenaton to give one developer the power and control of an entire team of software developers to manage sophisticated business and data processes.

Software is getting more modular and building good software requires passing data and triggering events between internal services and external SaaS services, such as email delivery, communications, payment, delivery, and more.

These SaaS services allow us to build software quickly, prototype, iterate, and reduce our development cycle. Many of these services offer out of the box integrations which in theory allow us to 'plug' them into our product or into each other.

However, integrating multiple services is complicated and there are many hidden limitations - especially when some of them are asynchronous and integration requires many different tasks based on different event triggers. This requires orchestration or building a workflow.

The orchestration of services and business logic is the core of Zenaton. Because this orchestration is so crucial to your product, it is important to have full control over the logic and easily understand and make updates. So… Zenaton allows developers new way to orchestrate these tasks that can be done just using code.