Before we start, let's define some vocabulary that will be used in the next step.

Web App

Web App represents servers that will receive HTTP traffic from your users. They are able to run your application code.


Workers are servers dedicated to the execution of workflows and tasks. On your workers, you will need to:

  • have Node.js (>= 8.0) installed ;
  • have workflows and tasks' source code available, described in a boot file;
  • have a Zenaton Agent installed, configured (make sure to use the production environment) and always running.

Traffic is always initiated by the Agent to Zenaton. You must open the following ports for the Agent to work:


  • 443/tcp: port used by the Agent to send requests to Zenaton API
  • 5672/tcp: port used by the Agent to send and receive instructions


The Zenaton Agent is the software we distribute which is running on your servers (Web App and Workers). It's a binary, run as a daemon.