Agent Installation

# For Development

To install the lastest version of the Agent on your computer, just type:

curl | sh

Depending on your configuration, you may be asked for a password to allow global installation of Zenaton. To install a specific version, for example 0.8.4, just do:

curl | sh -s 0.8.4

Release notes on versions can be seen on Github. You can display Agent version using the -v option:

zenaton -v

To update your Agent to the latest version, just follow again the installation instructions above.

# For Production

Please refer to going to production section.

# Start

After installation, the Agent should be running. But if you need to start it again, just do:

zenaton start

Note: after a start, you need to set it up again.

# Stop

To stop the agent, run

zenaton stop

Note: if the agent is currently processing tasks or decisions, it will wait to complete those before stopping.